2006_11_arts_cllphn.jpgTonight LVHRD raises the bar with a cell phone lock in and a live performance by Les Savy Fav...at MoMa! Before entering the space, everyone must check their phone - this is mandatory! The device will become a part of a yet-to-be-announced cellular experiment, and will be returned to you later that night, even if you don't want it anymore.

Guests will also have access to Out of Time: A Contemporary View, "an exhibition that explores, among other things, how technological advances manipulate perceptions of time in the contemporary world."

And don't forget about the band! LSF can get pretty rowdy, we hope they don't bust up any sculptures. They'll be sure to take your mind off Dodgeball for a while though. And that is a good thing, whether you know it now or not. Remember when you went somewhere with your friends, and stayed there - no texting, just hanging out with whoever you were with at the time? Ah, memories. It'll be like that, if you can remember such a time. More info here.

7 to 10pm // MoMA [11 West 53 St] // $11 for preregistered attendees; $18 general admission