, the British cosmetics company that specializes in bathing products, has opened an emporium in Herald Square. Lush already has locations in California, DC, and Boston. Who wouldn't want a Bath Bomb of Jasmine or a cleanser called Angels on Bare Skin or at least try Big, the shampoo with a description that it will take "ten (or maybe twenty) years off your hair. Your hair will look as if it belongs to someone who has never stayed up late, stood around in smoky pubs, been swimming and got drenched in chlorine, been permed, coloured or dried out. Your hair will shine - nay, it will gleam - like never before! Grown women have been walking up to almost complete strangers and inviting them to stroke their hair because it feels so fantastic."


Gothamist received an After 8:30 massage bar; it's a miracle we haven't eaten it already, as it's peppermint oil, chocolate and cocoa."

Lush is located at 1293 Broadway (34th & Broadway), 212-564-9120. And thanks to reader Jade for reminding us.