TrapezeSchool.jpgFor no particular reason I decided to take a walk on my lunch hour today. I walked down Watts Street to the end by the water. On my way I noticed that it was busier and the people on the street were more attractive than usual. The nexus of this pretty people activity turned out to be a rehearsal/filming of Sex and the City. They had set up a huge trapeze at the end of Debrosses Street (courtesy of Trapeze School) and taken over the F. Illi Ponte Restaurant across West Street for food service. I watched for a little while (after getting shooed back by some harried looking assistants) but soon realized that, having never watched the show, I was unlikely to be able to recognize any of the people flinging themselves through the air above me. Another quintesential New York moment passed, but there were deli sandwiches waiting in my future.