The city's Christmas tree vendors are an interesting bunch—Henry Romp, for instance, was born into the business, and these days will bring you your tree in his red Porsche. But there are plenty of other stands, and they're already setting up shop on the sidewalks.


Brooklyn Pine, a "pop-up market" seemingly taking advantage of the Brooklyn brand, is already taking pre-orders. The lot is run by Chad Lewine and Kush Malik, and Lewine told us today, "Haha, no we haven't sold trees before," explaining they "came together through an interest in music and business, and Brooklyn Pine is the first of our endeavor to launch." How is Brooklyn Pine different from that tree stand outside of your local Duane Reade? "We are in talks with a beer sponsor. We'll have hot chocolate and live soft music some nights. We're looking for acoustic acts to submit. We're also trying to get London Kaye to do a yarn bomb on our fence."

Why are we writing about a little tree lot? Because we're pretty sure this the first time we've seen the Brooklynification of Christmas trees. Is nothing sacred?

Sure, right now their lot at the corner of Lorimer and Meserole (far from the J. Crew District) looks like a wasteland, but soon the lights will be strung, transforming it into a wonderland of $76 to $126 trees... which aren't locally-sourced, they're from Brown's Tree Farm in Muncy, PA [transplant joke!].


Anyway, BYO-bespoke axe, but only as the perfect accessory to your lumbersexual attire, as the trees are already chopped, for your convenience and delicate hands.