Cat owners, be warned: A Lower East Side woman's cat disappeared while she was away, only to appear at a Petco and later be adopted by another person. And according to NY law, the original owner can't claim the cat, as the "law mandates that an adoption agency must keep an animal for at least 48 hours to give the owner a chance to claim it," because original owner Chavisa Woods was 4 days too late. Instead, Oliver, the Russian Blue cat with a "rare urinary-tract infection" (he needs special food), was adopted by a woman. The new owner refused to comment about the adoption to the Post, with KittyKind, the non-profit cat rescue group, saying that the new owner loves the cat and believes the cat is happy with her. Not that Woods' love for Oliver can be replaced, but Gothamist wonders if the errant catsitter who left a window open should offer to get her a new cat. Yet another reason for the animal tracking microchip.

The French film, When the Cat's Away, is a romantic look at what happens when your catsitter loses your cat.