The Low Flying Jets are one of the most enthusiastic live shows around, don't believe me? Check them out yourselves this Friday @ Pianos (details below). Described as "punk & roll" their sound makes even us want to jump up on stage and fling around instruments. It's that electricity we feel that keeps us dancing in a crowded hot club for as long as the music goes on. Beyond all this chaotic sound that amps us up there is a beauty in what we are hearing too, its as if the chaos and the noise are in direct competition with the beauty of the music itself. We like what we hear, is all we're sayin'.

Low Flying Jets are Brian Leopold (Guitars/Vocals), Brad York (Vocals/Guitars), Sam Crowell (Bass), Jeff Plate (Drums). They each had a hand in answering these questions...

What is your first conscious memory of living in New York?

Not being able to buy beer at a liquor store.

What is your favorite/least favorite memory involving New York?

Central Booking in New York is not a really cool place to spend the night. That could be like a least favorite kind of thing.

What is your favorite place to drink in NYC?  What's the best night of the week to go out in the city?

One of my favorite places to drink is Manitoba's on LES. It's got a good jukebox and a comfortable pool table room.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about playing shows in New York? Is there a difference between shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn?

Playing shows in New York is great. A lot of times playing outside of the city, you get more peolpe who want to talk to you afterwards, find out about you. But in NY you'll meet a lot of people who just wander in to a room that you happen to be playing in. As far as Brooklyn is concerned, shows seem to be less structured, more of the bills are with bands who know each other and share gear, so the set times are more likely to be pliable. it's nice.

Do you think your New York connection shows in your music?  If so, how?

There are a couple different sounds going on in NY these days, so it's harder to define a NY sound. I don;t think we conciously sound like anything, particularly NY because most of us don't live there.


Finish the following statements:

"You know you've made it when…."

someone spends a little god damn money on us.

"It'll be time to pack up the gear for good when…."

it stops sounding interesting.

"I'll never forget the first time…."

we played out. It was really exciting getting out of the things (musically) we were in before and playing with people that really worked well together. It was very natural.

Now for some quick word association.  Give me your immediate feelings on the following:







the Darkness

Charlie Murphy

Times Square


Bloomberg/Smoking Ban/Noise Laws


And a few last questions on the music tip:

What were the first & last albums you bought on the day they were released?

Jeff - the Sea and Cake - One Bedroom
Brian - Wilco - A Ghost is Born
Brad - Sikamore Rooney - Love Bleeds
Sam - the Kinks - Village Green Preservation Society (re-release, special edition)

Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup?

a question God himself couldn't answer in under 1000 words.

Low Flying Jets have their CD RELEASE PARTY Friday August 6th @ PIANOS

the lineup is as follows:

11:00 Low Flying Jets
10:00 Headquarters
9:00 Gym Class
8:00 Surefire
7:30 Alpha Tide (Boston)