Bernardo Bertolucci and Jean-Luc Godard

The best part of a panel about "LOVE" sponsored by The Week magazine was when Harold Evans asked Bernardo Bertolucci, via a patchy connection from Rome, about love. Bertolucci said, "What love? Like I have passion for cinema!" and then he went into a story about how he loved Jean-Luc Godard and his work so much that the first time he met JLG, Bertolucci threw up on him - "That was the manifestation of my love for him." Cinephilia and gastrointestinal distress - that's Gothamist in a nutshell!

The second best part of the panel was when Farrah Fawcett didn't understand Erica Jong's famous "zipless fuck" phrase and Farrah called it a "senseless" fuck. Classic, although New Yorkish might think Jong's voice yelling "labia" which then echoed through Grand Central might be better. Edmund White sort of spooked people out when he discussed his 9 year relationship where both parties have other flings on the side, but, hey, whatever works.

White, Jong, Evans, and Fawcett

You can see Bertolucci's The Dreamers in theaters or check out his amazing The Conformist at AMMI in Queens this weekend. Or speaking of movie love, see Godard's Breathless.

Paul and Amy discuss the panel and being seated at the baby...we mean, blogger table.