On the first day of the transit strike, we asked you if you crushed on any local news reporters while watching non-stop coverage. And according to our highly unscientific straw poll, NY1's Bobby Cuza takes the top honors. Which makes sense, since he seemed to be on the air every possible moment! Gothamist really did love scrappy NY1's one-two-three punch of Cuza at the Grand Hyatt (where the negotiations were usually taking place)Rebecca Spitz in the studio, and Dean Meminger at TWU headquarters, as we would debate whether or not to go to bed or keep watching to see if something new would happen. (For the record, the big announcements happened at 3AM - when the strike was announced - and midday - when the transit workers returned to work.) Not that Gothamist necessarily wants some crazy emergency to see these kids in round-the-clock action again, but they were awesome.

Spitz is the NY1 reporter who was hit by van while doing a standup in Harlem - she was in coma for two months; later on the NY Times covered her wedding. And did you realize that Meminger's father is Dean "The Dream" Meminger, who played on 1973 championship-winning Knicks?

Photograph of Bobby Cuza from hbomb1947 on Flickr