2005_12_mdefeo.jpgNew York magazine has a chest-thumpingly sweet ode to New York, listing 124 Reasons to Love New York City; it remind Gothamist of how we react when people ask us why we live here - our eyes go glassy, we focus on a point in the distance, we develop a lump in our throat, as we do not understand why people would even question our living here - and then you can't shut us up for the next forty-five minutes ("The subways! The diversity! The food! The culture! The guy who fixes my shoes so they look new every single time!"). Anyway, while we question some of the reasons (there's a quote from Goldie Hawn - please, get a quote from a year-round New Yorker!), we do love that one of Michael DeFeo's flowers - and DeFeo himself - grace the cover and are reason #124 to love New York. PS - his book, Alphabet City, is a great gift idea for both kids and adults.

So, what one thing you love about New York? And our favorite combo of celebrity quotes: Rosie Perez, who talks about preying birds in Prospect Park, and Jesse L. Martin, who discusses muggers.