The latest TV guilty pleasure is Newlyweds, MTV's glimpse into the marriage of pop singers, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, which Gothamist covered a while back. The Post looked at the show, which is the new darling of MTV, outpacing The Osbournes these days (but not The Real World Paris, which boggles our mind, because RW Paris sucks), mainly because this marriage made in publicity and artist management heaven seems based on all the wrong things. And the fact that it's always fun to laugh at people better-looking and more wealthy than us for the good, old fashioned reason, "They are so very, very stupid." Like Jessica taking her Takashi Murakami-designed Louis Vuitton bag on the camping trip. Jessica, you're killing us! Addtionally, people are taking bets as to how long the Simpson-Lachey union will last; Gothamist says it will last as long as Nick stays interested in Jessica physically, 'cause that seems to be the only reason why they're together now. But we hope the show stays on, because we love hating them.

Heather Havrilesky dissects Newlyweds for Salon and Matt Haber's Nerve essay about the Nick-Jessica astutely notes that Newlyweds "stimulates the same sharp taste of schadenfreude." Mmm, schadenfreude. Haber goes on to suggest that with programs like Newlyweds, The Osbournes, Cribs, Making the Band II ("with P.Diddy as the worst boss you never had") and Punk'd, "MTV has not only invented a better mousetrap but baited it with irresistible cheese." Mmm...cheese.