2006_03_weddingstamp.jpgDue to interest from brides (bridezillas?), the US Postal Service created new stamps for wedding invitations: Doves in a loose, lacey pattern in pastel green and purple. And the NY Times says that "nearly all" of the 10,000 stamps issued last Wednesday were purchased at Kleinfeld on West 20th Street! While Gothamist understands the need to have something pretty-pretty for a wedding invite, but they are somewhat boring. We're fans of using the USPS's other stamps to use for a special occasion. Like the Picture Book Animals, the best new 39-cent stamps we've seen so far (we used them, so we are biased). There are also all twelve Chinese zodiac animals available (in previous years, they would only print whatever animal year it was). Gothamist hopes that the USPS will offer some other interesting stamps this year - like cool architecture or some other cultural icons (looking at past years stamps, there are constellations (though your relatives might think you've gone all occult on them), asterworks of modern American architecture, and Greetings from America). Or you could personalize your own stamps - maybe with a photograph of where you're getting married. Still, these dove stamps do fill a void - mark our words, next year the USPS will offer a few different kinds of wedding-appropriate stamps for different kinds of brides because these stamps will be hugely popular.