Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

Bodega cats are a New York City treasure—they guard our apples, our milk, and our Bud Lite Lime when we aren't around. They protect our corner bodega from the one thing that metal rolldown gate can't: rodents. And sometimes they pop their cute little faces out of the bottom shelf when you reach down to grab a bottle of water. They're so cute that we don't even care that their cat litter is right next to the produce—that's a mark of true love. Pictured is one of the bodega cats that we see every day—he lives in a storefront on Jay Street in Brooklyn with one other cat, and as you can see he takes his job very seriously, wearing a tuxedo every single day.

So, send photos to of your bodega cats and together we'll compile the greatest directory of New York City bodega cats this world has ever seen! Also feel free to include a location (general vicinity/neighborhood and/or borough is good enough, since we don't want to get anyone in trouble) and any details you may know about the cat. You can also share photos with us via Instagram by hashtagging them #Gothamist and #BodegaCat, or via Flickr tagging them with "gothamist" and "bodega cat."