Courtney Love; Photo: AP

Courtney Love

will be coming to town to play SummerStage on June 28. Tickets go on sale today; if you go, you may want to wear riot gear. More SummerStage details here.

Courtney Love told reporters after a court appearance (where she plead guilty and agreed to go into drug rehab) that Marc Jacobs gave her lots of clothes. Marc Jacobs also dressed Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial (Gothamist loves's analysis of Winona's trial fashion). If court hearings and trials were produced like movies, we know that there would be a costumer credit for Jacobs. Marc Jacobs' brand is strong enough not to be considered "[Relatively] Young Hollywood's Answer For Courtroom Appearances," but we know that when there's a movie of Love's life, costume designers will be scouring stores for "vintage" Jacobs.