It's five days until Valentine's Day, so the media will be inundating you with stories about love and things that are heart-shaped and how to get a Valentine for next year if you're single. Blech. Yesterday, the Times looked at love connections at Princeton Review (the article was "Where Every Day is Valentine's Day")- not between students and tutors, but amongst tutors and other PR employees. One employee says of the Princeton Review dating pool, "You tend to have smart, well-educated, charismatic, empathetic people who want to put on a show a little bit and like kids." Sadly, folks, Princeton Review offices are not the dating-free-for-all they once used to be. Quite frankly, it's okay in Gothamist's book if the place we work is not Valentine's Day every day. Gothamist believes that dating and work should not coexist (a separation of church and state) but maybe that's because of the dating coworker horror stories we've heard and seen, culminating in the sex-induced heart attack death...or was that coke-induced?