The nice weather always seems to bring about crazy events, like tonight's Love Ahoy party. That's right, tonight the S.S. Hot Yacht will be docked at Galapagos and filled with bachelors, ladies and some of your favorite locals.

Imagine, if you will, the Love Boat hosting the Dating Game - and you've got Love Ahoy. The game show where three dudes compete for the title of "First Mate". Hosted by Jake Stronghorn, the "Red Hot Redhead" Miss Allison and Captain Schtüpping, the hour-and-a-half long event is also a bit of a variety show. Catch the 3 S's in entertainment while aboard: songs, sketches and stunts.

2006_04_arts_ahoy.jpgTonight's theme is Backyard Barbeque Bonanza with a hot dog eating contest presided over by, wait for it: world-renowned competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti (of Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest fame)! Also making an appearance is dating advice columnist Erin Bradley, aka “Miss Information”.

To summarize: Hot dogs, bachelors, sex advice, songs and stunts. We really don't think we need to say any more.

Tonight // 8pm // Galapagos Art Space [70 North 6th St, Williamsburg] // Free