Louis C.K. released a new episode of Horace and Pete today, accompanied with one of his always on point topical emails. And this week he delved into the state of Internet news, which, apparently, is "heroin." Louis C.K. is not a fan of Internet media, and no, the irony of us reporting this is not lost on us.

C.K. started off today's email by briefly touching on some of the bad stuff that happened this week, then pointing out how uncomfortable it is to have to watch a cheerful ad before watching a video of a "terrible thing" that happened in the news. "[W]ith sponsorship of individual moments of suffering, presented to comfortable gawking consumers, it feels like someone died in a far away place (so you don't have to!) and now you get to watch. And it's brought to you by Geico! " C.K. writes. This, he says, is symptomatic of online media itself:

The truth is that the news, if you're really paying attention, is complex and boring. I often set a goal for myself that I'm only going to read the news in the news paper and to stay away from Internet news. Because the stuff that goes up on the sites is immediate, brash and badly reported. They just scoop it and slop it and chuck it. The news paper has limited space. And they have until morning to get it to you. So there's more thought put into it. Internet news is heroin. Newspaper news is nutrition. That's MY view. Don't get all mad. I'm just sharing. I'm sure there are other avenues to the truth that are web based. When I walk into the coffee places where they are literally using lab equipment and glass beakers to make the perfect coffee, I get the sense that the young people sitting at the tables are reading blogs and sites that are quiet and thoughtful. My daughter reads a cocktail of blogs on her favorite subjects, knowing they each have a bias, and averages them out to find her truth.

The 24-hour news cycle has gotten a fair and deserved share of criticism, though at this point that shouldn't be limited to Internet news sources.

Anyway, at least the Internet has animal videos.