Perhaps the best non-Tom Hanks thing to come out of last night's Saturday Night Live was a name written on a brief promo: the one-and-only Louis C.K. will be hosting SNL for the first time on November 3rd!

Louis C.K., who recently announced he'd be taking a sabbatical from his show Louie, will be joined by musical guest fun. (legally, you have to spell it with an undercase f and a period at the end). Although this will be C.K.'s first time hosting, he's long had his work featured on SNL as a writer for Robert Smigel's "Saturday TV Funhouse"—and according to always reliable IMDB, he once appeared on camera in 1995 as an "escaped convict" during a Chevy Chase-hosted show.

While we're very excited about this, we have no idea how it's going to go, especially since C.K. has a notoriously unique acting style that doesn't always lend itself to other formats. It's bound to be a politics-heavy episode, with the election the week after, as well. However, the flexible SNL routine should work well for C.K., especially if they let him have strong input with the writing—the guy has won an Emmy or two for his particular skill set. Hopefully SNL won't suck him down into mediocre Californians sketches, and let the naked bum butts and surreal subway fantasies fly free: