Louie C.K. was on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night and at the last second of the interview, the host dragged this detail out of the comedian about his fall tour: more than half of the shows have sold out, 80,000 tickets have been sold, and he's already grossed $4 million.

The comedian also revealed that he has "cops on computers" making sure that no one resells his tickets for more than the $45 face-value, as they may be cancelled before the show starts. A cursory look at Craigslist and Stubhub in the major cities he's visiting shows that folks are playing by the rules, except for this one guy in Dallas who purports to sell two for $80 only to tell you in the body of his ad that they're actually $90. Dick. Here's a clip from the new season of Louie which premieres tomorrow, as well as the big reveal about the monies.

Earlier in the show C.K. talks about being asked to read for a Woody Allen movie and flunking the audition.

I found out that he was interested in me being for a movie. So I went to see him in his office, my heart was pounding, it was really difficult…He said "I want to see you do this part. He's kind of a tough guy." I tried to be this "tough guy," but I tanked it. I didn't get the part. So he said, "Here's another part." It's way smaller, and I got that. So then I find out that they gave the tough guy part to Andrew Dice Clay.

C.K.'s shows at the New York City Center are all sold out except for the 10 p.m. shows on October 24, 25, and 28.

Not everyone is impressed that Louis C.K. is moving units fast.