Yesterday, Louis C.K. managed to make an NYC budget meeting slightly less boring with his surprise appearance in the audience, setting the City Hall Reporter Tweetverse on FIRE. But it turns out Louie didn't just suffer through mind-numbing money talk. Indeed, he spent the day tailing Mayor de Blasio to prepare for an undisclosed "new project," —perhaps an HBO reality series about a pair of political frenemies?

It appears that Louis C.K. had quite an exciting day. After attending the riveting budget meeting, held at Cuomo's midtown office, he followed the mayor to City Hall for a meeting on mental health, and later attended Brownsville's National Night Out anti-crime event. And though none of that sounds like comedic fodder whatsoever, apparently he's getting plenty of experience—"There’s a lot of comedy at City Hall," de Blasio told reporters. SO true.

Still, a workday with Louis C.K. certainly seems like the best workday of all:

Mr. C.K., if you're reading this, you are welcome to come trail us at Gothamist headquarters any day of the week if you are ever researching a hilarious blog comedy. Just not Mondays though, I'm off Mondays.