Louis C.K. emailed us last night (OK fine, us and 4,200 other people) to tell us that we could get a refund for his shows at the City Center tonight if we wanted to because "that monster sandy franken storm paul bunyon shitcloud might start throwing trees at babies in Manhattan." Still, the comedian assured us that the show would go on. Alas, another email from C.K. this morning dashed our hopes of hearing any more Sandy-related bits in person: tonight's shows are cancelled and rescheduled for March 2, 2013.

After acknowledging that people would likely get stranded by the MTA's closure, and that he really doesn't "want a pole to smash your face in because you saw some comedy," Louis C.K. explains his rationale for giving in to The Gods:

Listen. I know that probably [tonight] it's going to be a starry clear night and the trains are going to be just gliding up and down the traks and a baby zebra is going to whinny as he trots by the City Center on a night that is going to break records for being placid and perfect for a night of comedy. And I'm going to feel like an asshole. And I know that some people had their plans set and are going to be pissed off at me. I know.  but I also know that some of you are struggling with whether to come in or miss the show and this is the closest I can get to a solution. You don't have to take a chance and you don't have to miss the show. Just come see me in a few months.

The comedian adds that he's "eating a pretty staggering fee for cancelling the show.  But I can take it.  What I can't take is the thought that there's  a CHANCE 4300 people will be in danger trying to get home from my stupid show." Here's hoping that the S.S. Emmys is safe in a dry dock.