Recently, Chris Rock commented that after toiling in the comedy salt mines for most of his career, Louis C.K. has hit his "sweet spot." That was readily on display last night at the Bell House, as C.K. tested out over an hour's worth of new material at three last-minute shows in anticipation of his big fall tour. "I apologize in advance for this show. That's why you paid $10 in Brooklyn," C.K. told the packed crowd at the 11 p.m. show. "You are falling on a grenade for future, higher paying audiences."

After a brief but welcome warm up from Todd Barry (who lamented the drama of Yelp reviews), C.K. dominated the stage, lumbering and lithe at the same time, for a very sweaty 70 minutes. Without giving away too much, C.K.'s new material doesn't let down in the least: there were riffs on Nixon breaking down, the joy of sitting on chairs, going to see Prometheus 3D stoned, cheating on spouses through corporate technology, and of course, lots of dead children jokes. There were brief Ron Paul impressions, ridiculous old lady voices, and a set closing bit that is one of the funniest things he's ever come up with.

C.K. obviously had a blast, and even came back for a rare, brief encore after much applause, at which point he was heckled by someone who knows him from his neighborhood: "That is a perfectly legitimate heckle," he dryly noted. Check out some Twitter reactions (and Hipster Grifter appearances) below: