Due to overwhelming demand, Louis CK has added a second performance at Madison Square Garden in early January. Connoisseurs of Martian Truther humor should click here now. Here's his email blast announcing the additional date:

Hello many people mostly concentrated around the New York area. How's that for personal? Actually that's how I greet everyone I say hi to even in person. Better to be correct than accurate, I never say.

Well. Here I am writing you again because after I put a show on sale at Madison Square Garden yesterday, darn it to heck if it didn't go and sell out in one day.
So I'm adding a second show on the next date they had available which is one week after, January 14th.
You can buy tickets to that show now. Here.

Most tickets are 45 dollars but we have some for 25 and 65 also. With no additional fees.

As with the Jan 7th show, if you are outside a 200 mile radius- you will not be able to purchase tickets. We do this as one of many methods to monitor and prevent scalpers. Out of state people can email tickets@louisck.net and have a chance to still get a ticket.

We have implemented several scalper prevention methods, and have and will invalidate tickets if it fits into criteria that is usually associated with scalpers- so anyone buying from a scalper site, be wary as those tickets can be invalidated at any point.

Well that's about it. I wish you a very happy new year. Sincerely. It's too bad people have to add sincerely when they say nice things. But really, sincerely, happy new year.

Louis ck