Concertgoers at Barclays Center were rattled when they thought they heard gunshots at the end of Future's show on Friday night. But the NYPD says it was actually a noise from the stage, plus a song that included gunshots in it, that prompted the panic.

According to the Daily News
, "Future had just finished performing when a loud sound reverberated through the arena.The noise sparked pandemonium as people rushed down escalators and streamed out the exits of the Prospect Heights venue."

The Barclays Center tried to reassure concertgoers, tweeting, "There were no gunshots tonight inside the arena. A loud noise during load out caused concern while fans exited the venue. Get home safely."

NYPD Lieutenant Tarik Sheppard told Vibe, "“The concert ended around 11 p.m. As people were exiting the Barclays Center, there was music playing over the PA system. The song that was playing had the sound of gunshots at the end. In addition, the stage was lowered and it came down faster than normal causing a loud metal on metal crashing sound. These sounds coupled together startled some people and they began to exit quicker than normal. There was no stampede and no injuries due to anyone getting trampled. There were a couple of reported minor injuries where people sprained or twisted their ankles while they were trying to quickly exit.”

However, some people claim it was something else:

Future was pretty happy with the performance: