Grumpy old man Lou Reed has a grumpy old manager, it would seem. According to the Daily News, his manager Tom Sarig was arrested after threatening to kill a corporate headhunter, Adrian Smith. Allegedly Sarig told Smith, "I'm going to have my guys kill you. Your head is going to be in a bag." (Make this threat more amusing by picturing Nico and the Factory folks when picturing "his guys.") The threatening phone call came after Smith attempted to collect on a finder's fee for getting Reed an assistant, which would be 20% of the assistant's annual $70,000.

An $11,500 payment has already been made, but the Village Voice reports that Smith says he's not dropping it; "He threatened my life. Why should I drop it? I would also be satisfied if I got an apology."

Currently Sarig awaiting his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday, and he could face a year behind bars. Until then, we ponder... does Team Lou Reed have hitmen?