2007_03_arts_lost.jpgThings may just be a little bit more exciting on this island right now, than on the Lost island. (Why, even Matthew Fox is coming to town.) Last week the Daily News had a piece on Lost fans losing interest in the show.

Last week's episode was a bit boring, but is the show really going in circles - just like Hurley in his old VW bus? As the Dailly News suggests, that "scene could not have been a more obvious metaphor for the direction of the show this season. That is, unless Vincent the dog was shown chasing his tail." One comment in the article seemed to hit the nail on the head: "I felt like [Wednesday] night's episode was a rerun of 'Gilligan' Island, I was waiting for Gilligan and the Professor to build a new engine (for the VW bus) out of coconuts and Mrs. Howell's jewelry."

Message boards came alive after the episode, one fan even posted: "Taken 'Lost' off of Tivo. I got a DVR solely for 'Lost.'" The show started with 16 million viewers, the second season went to 15.5 and upon it's return a few weeks ago it was down to 14.5 million and is now at 13 million.

Looks like tonight the castaways find a house with kittens and horses outside (preview here).

Are you "over" Lost? On this island, the Burg has a new episode out.