Team Improv Everywhere made a recent Knicks game a little more interesting for everyone there. While the rest were sitting pretty in their 300 section seats, one IE agent named Rob pretended to get lost on his way back from the concession stands. A few yells from his friends, "Hey Rob, we're over here!" quickly turned into hundreds trying to help the hapless fella. There were even "Where is Rob?" chants, and by the end of the game, when he finally reunited with his friends, strangers were patting him on the back and asking for his autograph. The troupe says: "I guess rooting for Rob to find his seat is a lot like rooting for the Knicks to win — it’s a hopeless cause, but you can’t help cheering for the underdog anyway."

A few pro tips are also offered up in the recap. For instance, when attending a Knicks game, pay $10 for a 400 level seat, then move down to the 300 section, which will likely have empty $89 seats. Also, and most ladies have likely used this trick before, if you put tampons in your bag, you can pretty much sneak anything into any venue.