2007_05_lost.jpgFinally, we have two reasons to discuss Lost. First a warning: stop reading this if the show is still on your DVR, unwatched.

In last night's season finale, Jack (in a flash forward/alternate universe/through the looking glass scene) sees an obituary in the newspaper and goes to a funeral home (stating he isn't family or a friend of the deceased). According to Lostpedia, the obituary Jack was reading said: "The body of Jo.. [unreadable] ..antham of New York was.. [unreadable] ..[shortly after 4 a.m. by the.. [unreadable] of Grand Avenue."

Could it be that the man in the coffin is John Locke, and if so - what was alternate universe Locke doing on Grand Avenue at 4am? UPDATE: The newspaper reads: "The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue. Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft. Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room. According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son. Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening."

NY Mag has an interview with everyone's favorite island villain, Ben. In real life, he lives on this island:

Have you bought a house in Hawaii yet?

Oh, no, I would never do that. My gypsy instincts always tell me that, you know, the next episode could be the last. Home is still New York City.

Seems like a lot of the Lost cast are in town, Gawker Stalker had two sightings this week:

Michael Emerson @ E 6th St, May 21st, 7pm
"Walking alone in East Village. Looks EXACTLY the same, right down to the steely stare. I think I'm next. Was too scared to ask what happened to Locke."

Dominic Monaghan @ W Broadway & Broome St, May 23rd, 3pm
"Saw Dominic Monaghan and his parents on Broome and West Broadway. I didn't get any spoilers."

Most of the cast were in town for the TV upfronts last week, but Matthew Fox had another reason: Giving the Class Day speech to Columbia graduates.

Photo of Lost billboard on 51st and Broadway via muuuusic's flickr.