Gothamist received an odd letter yesterday. Odd because (1) it was from a stranger and (2) it was written entirely on the back of a card from a friend. Apparently someone found a card our friend was going to mail and decided to mail it - but not without writing us a nice note: He mentioned he was going to a party for his wife and her twin sister, that the Darwin exhibit at the AMNH wasn't that great, and generally wished us well...oh, and that our friend must have dropped the card moments before he found it last Friday, as it wasn't even wet. Which definitely made us wonder about our strategies when we see random mail. We tend to ignore it, because what if the person does track back for it, but someone told us we should just mail it back again.

What do you do when you see mail on the street? Pick it up and mail it? Or ignore it, as you've got people to see, places to go?