Walking to the post office this afternoon, we noticed that the huge Michael Chemiakin sculpture in front of the Mimi Fritz gallery was gone, leaving only a rusted square on the pavement to mark its passing. The sculpture, "Cybele, the Goddess of Fertility", had been in front of the gallery on Prince between Greene and Wooster for as long as we can remember. On the weekends it is a huge hit with tourists-- who love to giggle and stand in front of it for pictures. In addition to the 16 boobs, Cybele features 8 butt cheeks, which are helpfully displayed using a mirror.

Our friends at Curbed also noticed the statue's removal, and posited "perhaps this is just another Alamo-type cleaning. But for the love of all things fertile, who knows more? " Sadly, we can report that it's not-- we called Mimi Fritz and one of the gallery employees confirmed that Cybele as been permenantly removed to the artist's property upstate-- and will not be returned once the gallery moves to its new location on Greene Street. Sad!