Losing Something is a new play by theater and media group 3-Legged Dog (3LD), whose headquarters at 30 West Broadway were destroyed on 9/11. Their new space at 80 Greenwich Street is just three blocks from Ground Zero – a seemingly fitting spot in the shadow of no towers for their new multimedia meditation on loss.

But this is not your grandmother’s multimedia; Losing Something utilizes a cutting edge technology called Eyeliner, invented in Dubai. Eyeliner is essentially a polymer foil with special optic properties on which HD video is projected to create startlingly lifelike 3D images. In Losing Something, a man on stage is confronted by the ghosts of his past lovers and family members, some played by pre-recorded actors, others by offstage actors who are simulcast live.

At the Grammy’s, The Gorillaz were confronted by a 3D virtual Madonna via the same technology; many viewers didn’t notice any difference. Film directors like George Lucas have long boasted about CGI enabling them to eliminate actors from the creative process. If Eyeliner technology falls into the wrong hands, could it spell doom for large ensemble casts? Think of the money Radio City could save on Rockettes!

Losing Something begins previews tomorrow and continues through May 6th. (Tickets cost $50.) An on-line article in the Times features an audio slide-show with Kevin Cunningham, executive artistic director of 3LD.