Last year an enterprising man named Dan Perino took dating offline and off-app, and hit the pavement with old timey paper flyers and masking tape.

MASKing tape.

What kind of mask is Dan wearing, though?

Below, Jena Friedman (comedian and also someone who is much better at segues) finds out more about this "Looking For A Girlfriend" guy, whom she surprises with a rapid HIV test (the results may surprise you!).

Friedman told us this morning that "he didn't know the HIV test was coming... But he was a good sport." But a horrible good sport? "I don't think he's horrible, perhaps disingenuous in his claim that he's looking for a relationship, that's what inspired me to talk to him. I wanted to give women who may be tempted to respond to his posters a heads up on what they'll be getting into if they didn't already know."