Halloween is just around the corner, and amNewYork takes a look at one of New York City's most famous ghosts: the movie Ghost! (R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.) The movie is set in pre-Giuliani New York—1990 to be exact—and more specifically in SoHo. One local told the paper about that era of the city, saying, “I think 1990 might have been just sort of the cusp of the change. I think the city had turned a corner.”

The couple in the movie (played by Demi Moore and Swayze) live in a loft in the neighborhood, and one night (spoiler alert!) Swayze's character Sam Wheat is shot and killed on Crosby Street. Other spots in the movie that the paper makes note of are:

  • The exact address of the couple's apartment (104 Prince Street—now a Calvin Klein underwear store)
  • The Franklin Street Subway (but these scenes were actually filmed on the 8th Avenue line’s abandoned lower level at 42nd Street)
  • The murderer's apartment at 303 Prospect Place (but in the movie, this is reached by the J train to Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick! This is also the train he takes to his job on Wall Street)

      Check out some footage in the trailer: