Gotham is a vertical city. We go up, and up, and up. So many of our buildings go up so high that we've learned to just not see them. It's gotten to the point where our buildings are so tall that many New Yorkers, especially the transplants (yeah, you heard me), think it's not "cool" to look up! Which is patently retarded since there is some crazy ass shit hidden up in them there buildings.

So, with that fear of looking up in mind, might we point you over to a post at the Deadprogrammer's Cafe, hopefully the first in a series, that just looks at the tops of buildings? Seriously, it's worth the few minutes to go "Damn, I wish I had a telescope lens to photograph the tops of buildings with!"

Photograph of crown of that Art Deco masterpiece the RCA Victor Building from Deadprogrammer's Cafe.