A new study supposedly shatters the 'geek' image of Internet users. CNN reports, "The typical Internet user -- far from being a geek -- shuns television and actively socializes with friends, a study on surfing habits said on Wednesday." This is a problem: Gothamist had been trying to fit in the stereotype of the supposed "loner geek," trapped in a world of role-playing and hyperlinking till dawn, shedding acquaitances and connections to the real world, thanks to Amazon, Netflix and Freshdirect. But according to UCLA's Center for Communications Policy director Jeffrey Cole, who led the study, "Use of the Internet is reducing television viewing around the world while having little impact on positive aspects of social life." Other interesting global facts from the study: Korean internet users trust the internet the most for information while Swedes are the most suspicious; the Chinese have an average of 7.7 online friends they've never met before, higher than any other country the study.

Read UCLA's topline of the World Internet Report. And an earlier study that reported people who use the Internet a lot are krazy.