Finally, Gothamist gets to take our show to foreign lands: Welcome Londonist to the -ist fold!

Today marks the start of the public beta period of Londonist; this is when we try to work out kinks with formatting, get feedback from readers, etc., but as you can see, Londonist is already looking wonderful. Edited by Rob Hinchcliffe and Euan Mitchell, Londonist will bring our -isty purview on Blighty, from what is the best-loved view in the capital, looking at Philip Larkin's lawn mower (those Brits will call anything an exhibit!), and the mayor of London's effort to ban smoking in, well, all of London. Swinging London indeed! And finally, Gothamist has a transatlantic target for our European jokes (of course, we're here to be the brash, arrogant, ignorant Yanks).

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