Photo via ryanbudhu's flickr

Milton Glaser's 1976 sketch of the I ♥ NY logo

Dearest London-based BBC writer who is a New York native but hates New York City,

Sorry we weren't at the airport to hug you when you arrived in New York City.

Sorry that you think the classic I ♥ NY logo is "insipid." We kind of like it and don't really see the need to spend a ton of money on some flashy new branding campaign.

Sorry you only met British bankers and British graphic designers here, but that just seems so unlikely! Almost like it's not true.

Sorry you are working under broad generalizations to fuel your hatred for a city you clearly know very little about aside from what one may find in a Frommer's. This is for pageviews, isn't it?

Sorry your British transplant friend mostly seemed to take you to places in or around Times Square and Rockefeller Center. That's a bit daft, isn't it?

Sorry you only heard music by "young Americans ripping off Mumford & Sons." Unclear how this is our fault, but we bet if you left that one bar in Brooklyn you would have found a place with different music.

Sorry you think we are the world's most "unfeeling" city, filled with the world's most "unfeelingest" people. That simply is not true. Maybe you are just unhappy? Life can be tough, but we hope one day you see the good more than the bad.

Sorry, but... did you really just write, "I love New York? I hate New York, is more like it!"?

You also write: "New Yorkers have no room in their minds for failure," like that's a bad thing? (For more on failure, see "sorry" directly above this one.)

And finally, you think that "the city's rudeness is legendary, but what really sets it apart is its completely unapologetic nature." We promise, we mean every one of these sorrys.


A bunch of "brash, loud, and offensive" New Yorkers