Why is it not that surprising Lollapalooza, with Morrissey as one of the headliners, would have poor ticket sales, resulting in its cancellation? Sure, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, Le Tigre, Polyphonic Spree, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, all great performers...but even indie darlings can't guarantee volume. Gothamist wonders if these artists are appealing to the same customer, versus different groups of customers. [Via Chicagoist]

What went wrong with Lollapalooza this year? The line-up is great, but was it missing the kind of act that brings in the crowds, like, say, a rapper would. Which brings us to another story: According to an MTV.com story, the Strokes and Beastie Boys felt Jay-Z's appearance upstaged them at the K-ROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic, and a drunken (is there any other kind?) member of the Strokes went crazy, trashing dressing rooms and saying he wanted to kill a K-ROCK program director. Man. Anyway, Lollapalooza would have been at Randalls Island August 16 and 17; all ticket holders will be refunded.