It's been a mixed week for Lindsay Lohan. Though there's a warrant out for her arrest after she failed two drug tests, one for amphetamines and the other for cocaine, she settled her $100 million suit against E-Trade. Lohan claimed the company insulted her when a baby named Lindsay was called a "milkaholic" in one of their commercials. Because if an addict of any sort is named Lindsay, it's obviously Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan had a bit more of a case after Esquire magazine discovered the milk-chugging child's name had been changed from Deborah to Lindsay. An E-Trade rep told the Post the settlement "was a business decision to move on" (incidentally, the terms were not disclosed). Now, Lohan can focus on the combined 60 days in jail she faces for failing the two drug tests.

Lohan wrote on Twitter yesterday, "This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences." Her mother, Dina, also said, "Addiction is difficult." Lohan will appear in court on Friday to determine whether the will return to jail and face all of that discrimination and torture.