Following her short stint behind bars, and her early release from rehab, Lindsay Lohan is now left contemplating her next move. And New York, lock up your liquor cabinets (and maybe break out the Cookiepuss cakes), she's coming for us!

To recap, the actress did about 22 days of her 90 day sentence in rehab, and 13 days of her 90 day sentence in jail—her punishment for a broken probation on two DUI busts. She's now reportedly getting $1 million for her first post-jail interview, as she simultaneously juggles her career while seeking outpatient treatment.

Is the big city the best place for Lohan to battle her demons in the outside world? According to the NY Post, she plans to move back to her family home in Merrick as soon as possible to be close to her mom and siblings... and nightclubs? A Long Island residence would also be closer for her next court hearing, regarding that whole milkaholic thing.