The Lohan clan is sticking up for youngest daughter Ali, who recently showed off her shocking new look consisting of skin, bones, and botox. Though her modeling rep says, "Aliana has never had any type of plastic surgery in her life, nor has she ever considered it. Her success as a model lies with her natural looks and she has no interest in changing that. During the past two years, she has gone through a normal teenage growth spurt that has made her taller and slimmer. It has also slightly changed the composure of her face, all of which is typical of what happens to kids in their mid to late teens. It’s what most people refer to as the awkward stage. Ali is growing up, that’s all." Yeah, totally normal.

Mama bear Dina also insists the new look is all part of growing up, and she's not at all concerned that her daughter reportedly weighs only 95 lbs. According to someone Radar talked to, "Lindsay feels that people are just jealous of the Lohans and only want to focus on negative aspects of their lives." LiLo also insisted "every runway model is just as thin!"

More bad news for the little Lohan: "Lindsay is giving Ali career advice." It's unclear if that advice had anything to do with the 17-year-old modeling lingerie.