Lockhart Goes to Gawker

Attention: a few minutes ago, Andrew Krucoff rushed into the Gothamist newsroom. He was flushed and out of breath, but after a few minutes of heavy mouth-to-mouth, he was able to gasp out a few words: "Lockhart... Gawker... Denton." He then collapsed and we gently rolled his body back down the steps. [Correction: apparently, this did not really happen, and Krucoff helpfully points out that we probably read the news on MediaBistro this morning.] A few minutes of reporting filled in the details: Lockhart has resigned from Cottages and Gardens to become managing editor of Gawker Media. In this capacity, he will presumably parcel out fame and fortune, and crack the whip at his many blogger underlings. No word yet on these burning questions:

1. What happened to Choire's body? We know Choire's the editorial director but, still, what happened?
2. Will Curbed become a Gawker title? Update: Nope.
3. Will Weblogs Inc. respond by buying Gothamist? Prediction: Only after a few corpses.
4. Is Nick Denton trying to own a majority stake in the souls of L.E.S. bloggers?
5. Will Gawker Media readers be subject to subliminal messages about age-themed books, insinuations about the Red Sox, and pictures of the Lower East Side, even on Wonkette?