Brighton Beach residents want Marty Markowitz and his summer concert series at Asser Levy Park to STFU. The concerts are across the street from two synagogues, even though city law prohibits amplified sound within 500 feet of religious institutions during services. When those synagogues filed suit earlier this year, the city simply passed a new law... which the concerts also couldn't abide by!

The new law states that performances are allowed as long as the noise spillover doesn't exceed 10 decibels above typical street level sound. So with that, the residents hired a company to test the decibel readings during a recent George Thorogood concert. The results were made public today, and the NY Post reports that the concert was 32 decibels above street level noise. One local told them, "It’s insane, they were violating the old law and now they are violating the new law."

Not only did the city break the new law, but they admitted today to taking its own tests and being aware the sound barriers were being broken! The opposing group is now seeking a judge’s order to stop the concerts if the problem isn’t fixed.