2005_11_arts_mustache.gifWe're not that in to the mustache sans beard. Sure, when accompanied by other facial hair it's okay...but the solo 'stache is just creepy for some reason. But whether we like it or not, the mustache is making a comeback this December.

Filmmaker Jay Della Valle will host the independent premiere of The Glorius Mustache Challenge, a documentary that dares men under 30 to grow a mustache for one month.

The rules of the challenge:
1) Mustaches ONLY: no beards, goatees, or flavor tasters.
2) No trimming it so short that no one can tell you have one.
3) No staying inside your house or apartment for one month because you're afraid of people seeing you and making fun of you.
4) Don't let your stache go to waste. You may never have one again.

Why is it ok for certain men to have the mustache? Why do mainly older men, particularly police, perverts, and uncles, have mustaches? These are the essential questions asked in the film. The participants risk being ostracized, excluded, and ridiculed by girls, friends, co-workers, and even family all in the name of their upper lip's mustachial right to grow facial hair.

We have to ask though, is this really a challenge? Every hipster and hipster wannabe below 14th Street has at some time or another sported the solo 'stache as some sort of ironic fashion statement. Especially the one's in bands. So is this film a challenge, or just one more example of hipster culture creeping in to our lives? Either way, start growing yours now in anticipation of the December 15th premiere at Crash Mansion (8pm)! You too ladies, put down that bleaching cream.