Opening statements were made in the trial of "misunderstood fan" Charles Nagel, who is accused of stalking Law & Order: Criminal Intent actress Kathryn Erbe in person, online, and in his blogging heart. Prosecutors read damning excerpts from Nagel's blog about Erbe, including some winning one-liners such as, "I want to look in her eyes and make love," "Obsession is only around the corner from love, but it is not a bad thing," "Kathryn is everything and everything is Kathryn," and "She's pretending she's better and the shower of love will never stop coming."

Nagel is also accused of messaging Erbe's brother and teen daughter on Facebook; when the two defriended him, he became furious and allegedly doctored a photo of Erbe's daughter with that of a cockroach and the words, "I'm ugly." For her part, Erbe wept while testifying today. She also said she got a “very bad feeling” when he met her on set in 2008 and when she left the set in a car, "I looked over and the defendant was running along the car on the sidewalk and waving and I said [to the driver], This is trouble.'"