2006_10_lloydgrove.jpgWell, considering that there's been a deathwatch for Lloyd Grove for weeks (if not years since he moved from DC to do NYC gossip), it's not a shock that Lloyd Grove buried at the end of his column today that he would be leaving the Daily News (on announcing his departure: "Let's make it short and sweet — and, most of all, unsnarky."). In David Carr's NY Times column, Grove does admit, "New York is not Washington, obviously. There are about 20 different major industries that are headquartered here, and I am still on a New York learning curve." And he says he will be doing something multimedia-ish. Now, we imagine the Daily News will get to really usher in the era of Ben Widdicombe, "New York's hottest young gossip columnist."

And Grove's Columbus Day column leads with Horace Mann officials upset over students' Facebook postings demeaning their teachers. Kids are so lazy today - back in the day we had to make 'zines to make fun of out teachers. Get thee to a mimeograph machine!