David and Liza - Happier days; Photo - VH1Could their botched VH1 reality show provide more evidence about the increasing nutty Liza 'n' David Crazy Hour? According to the Post, VH1 was filming in between some of Liza's alleged beating of Gest and others. But since Minnelli and Gest, who sued VH1 before divorcing, settled with VH1 who countersued (keeping track yet?), it's doubtful the tapes will surface. So the Post takes the time to retread over some of VH1's allegations about Gest's behavior were:

* A charge that he told producers and crew not to sit on the furniture. He also became "irate" if anyone brushed against a wall or let a bag touch the new marble floor.
* An accusation that Gest demanded $50,000 for a Halloween party.
* A claim that Gest ordered a hair stylist for $60,000 and wardrobe stylist for $15,000.

Lest we think VH1 is a victim, let Gothamist remind everyone that when VH1 thought they were getting a reality show from L&D, VH1 ran a show about their wedding, complete with that freaky "kiss" David laid on Liza, like he was trying to get to the candy center. The Post adds this quote from a close friend of Liza: "Before she met David, she was down and out. She'd had encephalitis, hip replacement surgery and was addicted to pain killers. She needed help, and this guy came along and offered it. But he's totally controlling, an obsessive compulsive, an egomaniac - and it was obvious to everyone but her." With friends like these, who needs friends?