'Cause the music had to be faced, Liza's bridesmaid Cindy Adams writes about Liza & David today. She's rather cynical (no, Cindy, say it ain't so!) about it, saying she was right in thinking it wouldn't last. Adams goes on to say she didn't like Gest, but he did help Liza recapture the spotlight. Also discussed: Liza has demons, David did help her beat the junk and lose 109 pounds, he's a publicity whore, she's troubled. Also, Cindy asks "Who knows whether their attraction was a boy-girl thing?" Bah. And adds that Gest told her, "It's going to get ugly." Jesus, Cindy, you're giving Gothamist way too much material here...what to pick up on next...

But what Gothamist really wants to know is, what is the status of the child that Liza and David were so hot to adopt? And there were plans to adopt three more children. When Liza went into rehab earlier this year, the child was still unadopted. At the time the "adoption" was announced (right around the same time they were shilling the VH-1 show that never got off the ground), Liza said, "Adoptions often take years, but ours was only a four-month process. The situation was somebody who couldn't provide for her." Clearly, neither could Liza and David.

Relive Liza and David's wedding memories (ya wanna talk "car crash you can't take your eyes from"? this is it) via VH1.