Ahh, car ownership...as American as apple pie, but a real pain when living in the NYC. For the majority of us who live car-free, it's fine. But what about when you want to escape the city, visit a friend in another borough, or take a break from the sweltering heat underground? Enter ReachNow, Brooklyn’s newest car-sharing service.

It goes without saying that if you're going to hit the road, you might as well do so in style. And to be fair, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being behind the wheel of a loaded BMW or MINI. With ReachNow, it’s free to register, and there are ZERO membership fees. The best part? Never finish where you start—pick up a car at point A and drop it off at point B. Use the App (available for iOS and Android) to reserve your ride for up to 30 minutes free or just grab one off the street on a whim. ReachNow is flexible, affordable, and offers the type of spontaneity your grandparents would frown upon.

Grab a few friends, wave your finger over a map and let your spirit guide you. ReachNow is ideal for the impulsive traveler: no counters, no lines, no up-sell. Enjoy all the benefits of traditional rentals without the hassles. Day rates start at $110/day and get lower the longer you keep the car. Oh, and for all you folks who never carry cash, all cars have E-ZPass and tolls are on the house for a limited time.

Occasionally, your nearest FedEx office, bank, and doctor’s appointment are all within striking distance of each other. But more often than not, trekking all over town for small errands takes forever. (Plus, ugh, it's hot out.) That’s where ReachNow’s new three-hour flat rate comes in handy, details here. Consider your to-do list conquered.

Sign up with Gothamist for $15 in driving credit* Free. Download the app (iOS or Android) and enter GOTHAMNOW in the promos section—simple as that.

*Credit is valid for the first 500 new members only, offer expires 8/21/17.

This post is brought to you by ReachNow.