When asked in 2005 what train wreck of a celebrity she would give some advice to, then-Gawker editor Jessica Coen said, "Lindsay Lohan, may God help you secure a room at Promises." Lohan ended up going to Wonderland for rehab, and apparently it didn't work any wonders on her. Adding to the list of Long Islanders giving New Yorkers a bad name is the one and only La Lohan. Recently in town for the Costume Institute Gala and the Maxim Hot List party, she managed to keep out of trouble. Perhaps that's because her car was in Los Angeles. And perhaps that's because last time she drove in New York she ran down a West Village photographer and is now being sued.

Upon her return to the left coast, however, Lindsay promptly had another one of her infamous car accidents. From ABC News:

"Witnesses said at 5:30 a.m., Lohan, 20, was driving down Hollywood's Sunset Bouelvard in her Mercedes convertible. She jumped a curb and flew into a set of trees. Right after the accident, she ran into a nearby house."

Cops arrested her for driving under the influence while she was in the hospital being treated for minor injuries, and when they impounded her car they found a "usable" amount of cocaine. Not surprising, her use of the drug has been well documented (even video taped)...and her wax replica at Madame Tussauds has even been caught using!

While Gawker once suggested Lindsay fire her mom (one time Rockette) Dina and get a real manager, we suggest she first get a driver. Seriously, can't these partying celebs and heiresses hire someone to cart their drunk and drugged up selves around town? Though...we hear Lohan has had some bad experiences with drivers.