Legion Of Doom member and Blainetology founder David Blaine is performing a ridiculously dumb new stunt AS WE TYPE: Blaine is standing on a platform on a pier in Hudson River Park being electrified for 72 hours straight. You can livestream the whole thing—synth soundtrack included!—right here. Of course, it won't actually hurt him at all—in fact, his little stunt may only hurt the environment.

Renyi Zhang, an atmospheric scientist at Texas A&M University, told Scientific America that the electrical discharges from his $5 million Tesla coils may be creating excess ozone. Paul Hoffman, chief executive of the Liberty Science Center, said that during a test run in a Brooklyn warehouse, that “ozone built up, I could feel it. I have asthma, and my throat got irritated.”

So if you derive any pleasure from watching a drama queen stay awake for 72 hours straight, then this is the event for you! After all, this is probably the closest we'll all ever get to seeing Tim Burton's Laser-Suited Superman in action.